ROMAN/ Maximianus, Post-Abdication Coinage CE 305-306, Ex: Dattari


AE Half Follis, 20 mm, 3.6 g, Alexandria mint CE 306

RIC VI 91b

RCV 13419

O: Maximian wearing consular robes holding branch and mappa r, DN MAXIMIANO FELICISS

R: PROVIDENTIA DEORVM Providentia stg r extending a hand to Quies stg l. holding branch and leaning on scepter, in center of field Δ  

In ex ALE mint mark


Ex: Victor Clark (TN)

Ex: CNG 471 portion of lot 650 (1 July 2020)

Ex: Giovanni Dattari (1853-1923) Collection of Late Roman Bronzes


ROMAN/ Crispus, Caesar under Constantine I, late CE 316-Aug/Sept 326, Ex: Dattari


Bi. Centenionalis, 18 x 19 mm, 3.2 g, Ticinum (modern Ticino, Italy) mint CE 322-325


RCV 16785

LRBC I, 482

O: laur cuir bust r, CRISPVS-NOB CAES, flan crack at 5 0’clock

R: DOMINOR NOSTROR CAESS around wreath. Inside wreath VOT/./X/crescent in ex PT mintmark, flan crack at 2 o’clock

Ex: Victor Clark (TN)

Ex: CNG 470 portion of lot 641 (17/06/2020)

Ex: Giovanni Dattari (1853-1923) Collection of Late Roman Bronzes



Unpublished Tarsian drachm of Seleukos IV BCE 187-175

AR Drachm, 4.0 g, 18 mm, 1h, Tarsos mint

SC 1310 variety but unpublished as a drachm with these controls (R3)

O: hd of Seleukos IV rt. Dotted border.

R: BAΣIΛEΩΣ on right ΣEΛEYKOY on left with ΣA control on far left and ΠΑ monogram on far right.

No bowcase in ex.

The controls are similar to the Tarsian Tetradrachms of Seleukos IV but none are recorded in SC or in available extant sources bearing the same controls in the drachm denominations.