IRAN/Tabaristan; Dabuyid Ispahbads; Khorshid CE 740-761 اسپهبد خورشید‎‎

AR Hemidrachm, 24 mm, 2.10 g, 3h, PYE 94=c. CE 745-746 (AH 128) Tabaristan mint

Album 52
Malek 31 variety (this particular obs die is not illustrated)

O: Crowned bust right in Sasanian style similar to Kurush Parviz though with differences in the crown. "May xvarrah increase" in Pahlavi behind bust and "Khorshid" in Pahlavi before. APD or "excellent" in second quarter of margin.
R: fire altar with attendants, Tabaristan on r and "post Yazdigerd era" year 94 on left. 

please cf. H.M. Malek "The Dabuyid Ispahbads of Tabaristan" in AJN 5-6 (1993-1994), pp. 105-160, which includes seven pp of plates illustrating many examples and varieties from these rulers. 

General location of ancient Tabaristan or as it is now called Mazandaran on a current map of Iran