Greece/Seleucid; Seleucus III BCE 226-223

AE 16 mm, 4.7 g, Antioch on the Orontes mint
Houghton 922.1 v, CSE 61-62 v
O: draped bust of Artemis r, quiver at shoulder, dotted border
R: Apollo std l on omphalos, testing arrow and resting l hand on grounded bow. BAΣΙΛΕΩΣ on r. ΣΕΛΕΥΚΟΥ on left.
ex: Time Machine (NY)
Acquisition: 2007


Greece/ Boiotia; Tanagra c. BCE 387-374

AR Obol, 11 mm, 0.70 g, (also early to mid 4th century BCE)

GCV 2451, BCD Boiotia 276b-277 var. For type.

O: Boiotian shield
R: forepart of horse r. T above, A before both turned slightly clockwise, all within incuse concave circle with curved edge.

Ex: Ancient Byways/Copper Penny
Ex: Tamco Numismatics (Sweden)

Acquisition: 2007

Map of Boiotia, showing Tanagra's location highlighted in red about 25 km east of Thebes.

map adapted from the BCD Boiotia catalogue


Greece/ Argolis; Argos, c. 260s-250s BCE

AR Triobol (16 mm, 2.43 gm) dealer stating "Good VF, Scarce."
Obv: Forepart of wolf at bay to left; O with dot inside it above

Rev: Large A; Δ-Ε above on either side; eagle stg right on harpa below; all within shallow incuse square.

BMC Peloponnesus 61; BCD Peloponnesos 1109-1110 v., Mycenae pl. 9, 24-25, SNG Cop. 31, Grose 6836-6839.
Acquisition: 2007

Ex: ANE (Canada)

Ex: BCD Collection
Ex: Bank Leu (January, 1974)

Ex: Jacob Hirsch (1874-1955) stock with original coin ticket.

Probably passed via inheritance to Leo Mildenberg who sold “all those of BCD’s area to him in the late 1970’s” [BCD Peloponnesos p. 4).

Ex: Prof. Athanasios Rhousopoulos (1823-1898) collection sold 1905 by Jacob Hirsch.

Green card is Hirsch's denoting R/G meaning “Rhousopoulos Greichen” originating in the Rhousopoulos collection, white card is BCD's.

According to BCD Peloponnesos catalogue, “The O / ΔΕ…issues are among the last silver issues of the 3rd century, and were almost certainly struck just prior to the weight reduction in c. 250/240….” (p.270 note after lot #1105)


Antoninus Pius CE 138-161, as Caesar under Hadrian

AE As, 10.32 g, c. 25 February-10 July CE 138
RCV 4332, C. 1066, RIC II 1088a (Hadrian), BMCRE 1948 (Hadrian)

considered Rare, though CNG sold a reasonably nice example from the Weller collection for only $120 off a $200 estimate.

R: joined hands and caduceus, TRIB POT COS SC

Ex: Silenos

Acquisition: 2005

Procurators of Judea; Pontius Pilate CE 26-36

AE Prutah, 16 mm, 2.15 g, c. CE 30
H. 649

R: L IZ in wreath

Ex: Ancient Byways/Copper Penny

Acquisition: 2006

Gordian III CE 238-244

AR Antoninianus, 5.64 g, Rome mint, CE 238-239

RSC 105, RCV 8614

O: IMP CAES M ANT GORDIANVS AVG, rad cuir bust r.
R: IOVI CONSERVATORI, Jove stg l with small Gordian stg to left

Ex: Ancient Byways/Copper Penny

Acquisition: 2005

Constantine I CE 307-337

AE 3, 19 mm, 2.35 g c. CE 323-324 Trier mint

R: Victory adv rt with captive below r, SARMATIA-DEVIC[TA]/PT[-]

Ex: Silenos

Acquisition: 2004

Domitian CE 81-96 Roman Provincial Judea

AE 23 mm, 10.85 g, after CE 83, minted Caesarea Maritima

H. 749

O: hd of Domitian left, [DOMITIANV]S CAES AV[G GERMANICVS]
R: Minerva adv. l with trophy shield and spear

“Judea Capta” issue

Ex: Zurqieh (Dubai)

Acquisition: 2004