Roman Occupation of Syria BCE 64-35

AR Tetradrachm , 13.58g. Antioch mint. circa 25/24-17/16 BCE (from style and type)

This coin was issued in the Roman province of Syria between 64 BCE and about 13 BCE. They copied the tetradrachm of the last legitimate Seleucid King Philippus Philadelphos BCE 93-83

GCV 7215-7215 v; cf. SC II, pp. 621-626, cf. McAlee, AJN 11 (1999) pp. 1-12.

Obv: Head of Philip wearing a diadem right
Rev: Zeus enthroned left holding Nike and a scepter
[ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ Φ] ΙΛΙΠΠΟ [Υ ΕΠ] IΦΑΝΟ[ΥΣ ΦΙΛΑΔΕΛΦΟΥ] XAT monogram in the field at Zeus' knees.

Ex: T. R. McIntosh Collection, sold CNG EA 76: portion of lot 152 (10-29-2003)  .

Ex: Incitatus (not sold by Incitatus as having come from CNG or the McIntosh Collection, this was only recently discovered through routine research at the CNG website). Below is the CNG photo of the reverse of this coin: 

Quintillus CE 270

AE Antoninianus, August – October/November CE 270, 21mm, 3.7g
RCV 11453
O: IMP C M AVR CL QVINTILLVS AVG, radiate & draped bust right.
Reverse - VBERITAS AVG, Uberitas standing left, holding cow's udder (?) and cornucopia.

Ex: Incitatus

Not the nicest looking Quintillus I’ve ever owned but acceptable.