ISLAMIC/Umayyad; Hisham CE 724-743

AR Dirham, 2.63 g (clipped), Ifriqiyya mint AH 118/CE 736-737

Album 137 (scarce)

O: Shahada, Bismillah duriba hadhad-Dirham b-Ifriqiyya sanah thaman ashr wa mi'ya

ROMAN/Constantius I, as Caesar CE 293-305

AE Follis, 27 mm, 8.53 g, London mint, c. CE 300

RIC 22
RCV 14034 var.

O: CONSTANTIVSNOBC, laur cuir bust of Constantius r.

R: GENIOPOPV-LIROMANI, Genius stg facing with hd left, holding patera in right hand and cornucopia in left.

A Century Old Italian Coin with Classical Pretensions

Italy 20 Centesimi, 1914-R KM#44
series ran from 1908-1935, mintage in 1914 was 14,308,000

It's sad that nothing in our pockets these days resembles a work of art even one with pretensions.