GREECE/Samaria 4th Century BCE

AR Half-Ma’ah/Hemiobol; 7mm, 0.26g, c. BCE 375-333

Meshorer & Qedar 189 (This coin illustrated on plate 26 of Meshorer & Qedar Samarian Coinage, INS, Jerusalem, 1999)

O: Head of Persian satrap right wearing a tiara

R: Young male head right

Ex: CNG 353 portion lot 791 (17 June 2015)

Ex: CNG 117:76 (29 June 2005)

CNG photo of Lot 76 from EA 117 in 2005 that also appears in article referenced below.

This coin illustrated on plate 1 #6 as well as mentioned in text in INR 6:2011 for article “Tiarate Heads on Samarian Coins” by Jarosław Bodzek (pp. 3-19)