Greece/Seleucid; Antiochus VII Sidetes BCE 138-129 New Variety Tyrian Drachm

AR Drachm (Attic weight), 3.86 g, Tyre mint c. BCE 138-134 off flan

SC 2108.2 var, HSC 1080 L (R2-3, this example is likely R3), CSE 2:629 var, Newell Tyre ----, this variety otherwise unpublished.

O: diad hd of Antiochus VII r., some porosity

R: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩ[Σ] ANTIOXOY in two lines on right, ΕΥ-EPΓETOY on l., Nike adv l holding wreath, Tyrian monogram TYP on club as mintmark and Σ inner right under wing as control. Date off flan but normally below Nike’s feet.

This control Σ is unrecorded in the sources for this type. It is published for the Phoenician Wt drachms where it appears between the eagle’s feet, therefore this example appears unpublished at present and possibly unique.