ROMAN/Maximianus CE 286-310

AE Antoninianus, 22mm, 4.55 g, Lugdunum mint, CE 290-291

RCV 13172

RIC 422

O: IMP MAXIMIANVS AVG, rad, cuir bust r.

R: SALVS--AVGG/ C, Salus stg right with snake

Ex: Savoca Numismatik GmbH, 14th Blue Auction, lot 1194 (28/29-12-2018) 

Ex: Warren Esty


Greece/Seleucid; Philip I Philadelphus BCE c. 95/4-perhaps 76/5

AR Tetradrachm, 26 mm, 15.6g  12h., Antioch mint, c. after BCE 88/87
 SC 2463.3i
SMA 449

 O: diademed hd of Philip I r., diadem ends falling straight behind, fillet border, weak strike evident.

 R: Zeus std l., holding Nike and sceptre, laurel wreath border. [Β]ΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ [Φ]ΙΛΙΠΠOV in two lines on the r.,
[Ε]ΠΙΦAΝΟVΣ [ΦΙ]ΛΑΔΕΛΦOV in two lines on l. outer left controls not fully visible.

 Primary Control: P in ex.

 Frozen control under throne.


ROMAN EGYPT; Otho, January to April CE 69

AE Obol 18.5 mm, 4.58 g, 12h, Alexandria mint

Milne 371

Emmett 192 (R2)

Dattari 331

O: MAPKOϴΩN KAIΣΣEBAVT, laureate bust right

R: LA Canopus of Isis stg r, year designation to right