GREEK/Sicily; Mamertinon c. BCE 220-200

 AE Pentonkion, 25 mm, 10.89 g, 1h, Messana mint


Sear 1144

O: laur hd of Zeur r

R: [MAMEPTINΩN] helmeted naked warrior charging r, holding spear and large round shield with Π in lower right field.

INDOGREEK/Baktria; Eukratides c. BCE 171-145

AR Obol, 10 mm, 0.52 g, 11h, mint of Baktra or an uncertain mint in the Paropamisadai or Gandhara, c. BCE 162-145

Bopearachchi 9B

O: helmeted head of Eukratides r, dotted border

R: piloi of the dioscuri with [BAΣ]ΙΛΕΩ[Σ] to right, EYKPATIΔ[--] on left with ΠΓ in lower field.

Ex: Pars Sku G045



GREEK/Seleucid; Alexander II Zabinas BCE 128-123

 AR Drachm; 17 mm, 3.42 g, 1h, Antioch mint

SC 2221.3c

O: diad hd of Alexander II r., diadem ends falling straight behind, dotted border.
R: BAΣΙΛEΩΣ on r., AΛEΞANΔPOY on l., filleted double cornucopiae oriented to r.

Primary control in mongram of HΔP inner l. above.
Secondary control inner l., below: A


GREEK/Seleucid; Antiochos VIII "Philometor" BCE 121-96

 AE 17 mm, 5.45 g, 12h, Antioch mint SE 202/BCE 111-110

SC 2308 (R, 19 known examples)

O: radiate hd of Antiochos r dotted border

R: [Β]AΣIΛE[ΩΣ] /ANTIOX[OY] on right, ΦIΛOMHTOP[OΣ] on l., Eagle stg l., [BΣ] underneath for SE date.

Control on outer left.

This is another example of the rare and elusive PHILOMETOR bronze of Antiochos VIII issued for a short time during SE 202. SC remarks that the epithet is used without irony despite his having killed his mother a decade before.

Petr Vesely has discussed this issue and the previously known examples on his website found http://seleukidtraces.info/information/ni_antiochos_philometor.html.
There were 17 that he was aware of, with this example as illustrated there were 18 and with another that belonged to Tom Kirby being sold at auction recently, that was 19. If any reader is aware of additional unaccounted for examples, please email us at the email noted in the upper left of this page. 

ex: Zurqieh (UAE) 2022


GREEK/Seleukid; Timarchos c. BCE 164-161

AE 27 mm, 17.16 g, 12h, Ekbatana mint

SC 1595 (R2-R3)

O: diad bust of Timarchos r. dotted border

R: [BA]ΣIΛEΩΣ on the rt, [M]EΓAΛOY/[TI]MAPXOY on left, Nike adv l holding wreath and palm branch. No control marks and no evidence of dotted border.



Ex: Zurqieh UAE


GREEK/IONIA; Smyrna. Mithradates VI of Pontus BCE 85-75

AE 25 mm, 13.38 g, 12h.

Milne, Autonomous period XV, 340

Callataÿ pl. LI, Q

SNG Copenhagen 1206

O: diad hd of Mithradates VI r

R: Nike stg r holding wreath and palm frond. ΣΜΥPNAIΩΝ on rt, EPMOΓENHΣ/ΦΡΙΞΟΣ on l.

Hermogenes Phrixos as magistrate. Flan preparation marks are still extant.


Ex: Dr. Busso Peus Nachfolger Auction 366 lot 183 (25 Oct 2000) estimation 350,-DM.

Ex: Sigmund Collection

Ex: CNG 512 lot 154 (23 March 2022)

Ex: Praefectus Coins (BC Canada) SKU GRA6368

Mithradates Kingdom at it's peak after BCE 88

UK/ Charles III 2022-date

 CuNi 50p, 27 mm, 8.00 g, Royal Mint, September-December 2022. mintage estimated at this time to be between 4.9 to 9.6 million pieces.  


Euro Zone; Croatia 2023




50, 20  & 10 cents

 1, 2 & 5 cents


ROMAN/ Severus Alexander CE 222-235

AE Sestertius, 31 mm, 19.14 g, 12h, Roma mint CE 233

RIC 535

RCV 8003


O: laur draped bust right  IMP ALEXANDER PIVS AVG

R: Sol adv l, r hand raised holding whip in left PM TRP XII COS III PP, SC across central fields


Ex: Roma Numismatics 101 lot 1076 (13.10.2022)

Ex: “from a private English collection”



ISLAMIC/ Governors of Tabaristan; Sa’id bin Da’laj CE 776-779/ AH 160-162 /PYE 125-127

 AR Hemidrachm, 23 mm, 1.9 g, 3h, Tabaristan mint, PYE 125/CE 776-777

Album 58

O: Sassanian style bust r with Arabic legend to right of bust سعيد

R: Fire altar flanked by attendants, Tabaristan in Pahlavi on r and date on l

ROMAN/Julian II CE 360-363


AE 20 mm, 2.5 g, Thessalonika mint

RIC 227 (S)

O: helmeted hd left spear and shield forward, 


R: VOT/X/MVLT/XX in wreath

TESΓ in ex. Palm branches on either side



EX: Warren Esty


GREEK/SELEUCID; Seleucus VI c. BCE 96-94

 AE 21 mm, 6.62 g, 12h. Antioch mint c. BCE 95-94

SC 2425.3

HGC 9, 1284 (R2)

O: diad, beardless bust r. dotted border

R: BAΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΣΕΛΕVKOV in two lines on the rt, EΠΙΦNOVΣ NIKATOPOΣ in two lines on the l, Apollo stg l, testing arrow and resting elbow on column. Primary control on outer left not visible, secondary control A on inner l.


Ex: London Ancient Coins (UK)


Three examples known at this time; CSE 371, an example in the Biblioteque Nationale Paris, and this coin.


GREEK/COMMAGENE; Antiochos IV CE 38-72

 AE 27-24mm 13.07 g, 12h Laranda Lycaonia mint

BMC 24

Kovacs 249

RPC 3533

O: diad bust of Antiochos IV r  [ΒΑCΙΛΕΥC ΜΕΓΑC Α]ΝΤΙΟΧΟC.

 Anchor cmk at 4 o’clock.

R: Scorpion and inscription in wreath, ΛΥΚΑΟΝΩΝ


Ex: Warren Esty


Greek/Seleucid; Philip I Philadelphus BCE 95/4-76/5

AR Tetradrachm; 14.35 g, 27 mm, 12 h, Uncertain mint 128 in Cilicia probably Tarsus, c. BCE 88/7-76/5.

SC 2461.4

SNG Spaer 2820

O: diad head of Philip r, fillet border.

R: Zeus enthroned l, holding Nike and sceptre, laurel wreath border. BAΣIΛΕΩΣ ΦIΛΙΠΠOV in two lines on the r, EΠΙΦANOVΣ ΦΙΛAΔΕΛΦOV in two lines on l.

Frozen control under throne. Control in ex and inner left.


GREEK/Seleucid; Antiochos VI BCE 144-c. 142

AR Drachm; 18 mm, 3.94 g, 12 h, Antioch mint c. BCE 143-142

SC 2003c (R1-2)

SMA 257

O: radiate and diad hd of Antiochos VI r, dotted border

R: BAΣΙΛEΩΣ ANTIOXOY in two lines on rt, EΠΙΦANOYΣ ΔΙONYΣOY in two lines on left, spiked Macedonian helmet with cheek guards facing r, adorned with goat’s horn above visor.

Primary control between spike and horn reading downward TPY

Secondary control inner r beneath helmet see monogram C in SC.


Ex: “from a private European Collection”

Ex: Roma Numismatics E-Sale 100 (28-07-22) lot 568


QE II 1952-2022 two paper portraits from Canada & the UK

 Canada 1973-1975, last of the circulating paper $1 obtained in Quebec City 1988. The now  ubiquitous Loonie debuted that same year. 

UK 2015, polymer £5 note, Churchill depicted on the reverse. Obtained London 2017


GREEK/Seleucid; Antiochos III BCE 223-187 with apparently unpublished controls

AE 24 mm, 12.13 g, 1h, likely Antioch mint

SC 1048 variety but with unpublished controls

O: laureate head of Antiochos r as Apollo, dotted border

R: Apollo seated l on omphalos holding an arrow in his rt hand and resting against a bow held in his left.  Inscription on right reads BAΣIΛΕΩΣ and on left ANTIOXOY, with controls to left above and below the arrowhead.


ROMAN PROVINCIAL; Spain; Augustus BCE 27- CE 14

 Colonia Patricia (Cordoba)

AE Quadrans, 17 mm, 2.69 g, 3h

RPC I, 131

O: bare hd portrait of Augustus left with insc proceeding from left to right [PER C]AE AVG

R: Priestly implements with inscription [COL] PATR


Ex: Numismatica Prados, Sevilla, Spain