ISLAMIC/Ilkhanid; Arghun AH 683-690 / CE1284-1291

AR Dirham, 22 mm, 2.43g, Tabriz mint, AH 684/CE 1285-1286.

Album 2146

O: shahada in square, mint above.
R: Uighur inscription, with Arghun in Arabic at the bottom field.

image obtained from: http://altaycoins.com/makaledetay.asp?dil=Mg==&id=MjI=
This site provides an excellent intro to Ilkhan coins and how to read them if you don't already know how.

The Uighur inscription indicates that this coin has been struck under the authority of Arghun Khan. The Great Khan at this time who is unnamed here is Kublai Khan CE 1260-1294.

IRAN/Sassanian; Shapur II CE 309-379

AR Drachm, 24 mm, 3.28 g, nd nm legible Gobl 102

O: bust right in merlon crown Pahlavi inscription around.
R: fire altar surmounted by bust of Ahura Mazda in flames with attendants on either side.
inscription on altar and to either side of attendants.

Ex: FSR MBS 84 lot 424 (April 2012)