Greece/Seleucid; Alexander II Zabinas BCE 128-122

AE 19 mm serratus, 5.788 g, perhaps Apamea on Orontes mint (cf. pp. 458-9 in SC II)

SC 2242.3j v. (UNLISTED CONTROL in SC), SNG Spaer 2366 (this example completes the control, which is incomplete in Spaer but is exactly 2366)

O: hd of young Dionysus r., wreathed with ivy, dotted border 

R: BAΣΙΛΕΩΣ on r., AΛΕΞΑΝΔPOY on l., winged Tyche stg l., calathus on hd, holding ship’s tiller and cornucopiae. Controls Outer l (above) EK with small Δ over the E, below wreath.

This coin was Ex: Amphora/David Hendin and likely found in Israel as many of his Seleucid bronzes have been in the past. This was also likely sold via one of his numerous eBay auctions in the past rather than through his pricelist (at least pricelists going back to #87).