BYZANTINE; Constans II CE 641-668

AE Follis, 21 mm, 4.61 g, 1h, Constantinople mint, Yr. 2=CE 642-643

SB 1001

O: Constans beardless stg facing wearing crown and chlamys and holding long cross and globus cruciger


R:  XP above M, M is between O/Φ/A on l and N/ε/O/ς, above ANA in ex officina letter followed by regnal year numerals which are not visible but appear to be II per noted combinations.

BYZANTINE; Justin II & Sophia CE 565-578

AE Follis, 33 mm, 15.17 g, 7h, Constantinople mint, Yr. 7=CE 571-572

SB 360 v

O: Justin and Sophia enthroned facing DNVSTI[----].

R: large M with Δ underneath ANNO on l, V/II on r, CON in ex.

BYZANTINE; Anonymous Class B attributed to Romanus III Argyrus CE 1028-1034

AE Follis 32 mm, 10.17 g.

SB 1823

O: Jesus facing with nimbus, IC on left XC on right

R: cross on three steps, bAS-ILE/bAS-ILE

BYZANTINE; Isaac II Angelus CE 1185-1195

Bi Aspron Trachy, 21 mm, 3.54 g 5h.

SB 2003

O: Mary enthroned MP/ϴV

R: Isaac stg facing, only legend visible is on right Δε/ C/T

BYZANTINE; Maurice Tiberius CE 582-602

AE Follis, 33 mm, 11.02 g, 1h, Cyzicus mint yr X=CE 591-592

SB 518 v barbarous blundered legend

O: OИMABAI-TIbERIPPC, helmeted bust facing

R: lg. M   A or B beneath, ANNO on left and X on r and KYZ in ex.

BYZANTINE; Justin II & Sophia CE 565-578

AE Follis, 32 mm, 14.93 g, 6h, Antioch/Theopolis mint, Yr. 11=CE 575-576

SB 379

O: Justin and Sophia enthroned facing blundered legend around.

R: large M with Г underneath ANNO on l, XI on r, ThEUP in ex.

BYZANTINE; Justinian I CE 527-565

AE Follis, 35 mm, 17.31 g, 5h, Nicomedia A mint, Yr. 22=CE 548-549

SB 201

O: DNIVSTINIANVSPPAVC, facing militaristic bust

R: large M with +above/NIKO in ex. Officina A under M, ANNO on left and X/X/II on right.

BYZANTINE; Romanus I Lecapenus CE 920-944

AE Follis, 25 mm, 4.39 g

SB 1760

O: [RωMA]n bASILEVS RωM’  bust of Romanus facing

R: +RωMA/n εn ϴεωbA/SILEVS Rω/MAIωn

In four lines.