I haven't posted in a few weeks due to my being out of the country, though now I am back and will do my best to start posting again.

I had been in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and parts of Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais States. I saw a couple nice collections of world as well as more specifically Brazilian coin collections at museums in my travels. I may post more about these later.  There were a few ancients in the mix though these were just provided as examples of earlier coinage.

For now I need to relax having just come back.

 The ruins of the Casa da Moeda (Mint) in Rio at the Paço Imperial. It was found during the restoration work there and dates from 1699-1814 when it was in use.

Brazil Colonial;  AE 40 Reis 1753 issued during the reign of Jose I. (28.75 g., 40 mm) KM 184 ex: DPL Numismatica, Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil Colonial;  80 Reis, 1809, ND. KM290.1 Host Date 1796 ex HJB

  Brazil Empire; Dom Pedro II AR 500 Reis 1865, KM 464

-->Brazil Colonial; João as Prince Regent, Rio de Janeiro mint 1816. KM 307.3, overstruck on 8 Reales of Charles IV (1788-1808) of Spain minted in Mexico City (mintmark visible at 6 o'clock on obs.)

 Brazil Empire; Dom Pedro I; 1824-R on 1817 (Under type is a Spain 8 Reales of Ferdinand VII from 1817 probably KM 466.3 or 466.4 but likely the more common Madrid mint), KM 368.1, apparently struck over already holed coin (?) according to dealer.

(below)  Brazil Colonial;  João IV 1640-1656, AR 200 Reis c/m 250 in Brazil 1663. This piece is ex: the shipwreck of the Santíssimo Sacramento, a Portuguese galleon that ran aground and sank with the loss of 400 lives in May 1668 in the Baía de Todos os Santos, Brazil. Salvage took place in 1976.

Brazil Empire; D. Pedro II, AR 2000 Reis 1888, KM 485.

Brazil Colonial; João VI, 1820-R, 10 Reis, KM 314.1

 Brazil Empire; D. Pedro II, 1000 Rs., 1878 mintage 47,000

Brazil Colonial; 40 Reis, 1809 ND, KM 278.3, Host date 1735 20 Reis