Greece/Seleucid; Alexander I Balas BCE 152-145

AE 21 mm Serrated with central cavities, 8.56 g, Unattributed Bronze Issue, Probably North Syrian

SC 1818, cf. SNG Spaer 1433-34

O: Diademed hd of Alexander r., diadem ends falling straight behind, dotted border.

R: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ, on r., AΛEΞANΔPOY on l., Zeus aetophorus enthroned l. holding eagle and sceptre

Symbol (as ground line) Horizontal Anchor with flukes on the r.

Ex: G. Freeman (TX)
Acquisition: 2008
Tantalus ID#35531

Greece/Macedon; Alexander III BCE 336-323

AE 13 mm, 2.20 g, 6h. uncertain mint

O: Herakles in lion skin headress r.

R: [AΛ]EΞANΔPO[Y] between club above and mostly off flan, and gorytos below. No visible control/mint marks.

Acquisition: 2008