Brazil; 1000 Rs 1922 Centenary of Independence Error

KM 532.2  Unc. Obs depicts Dom Pedro I and Pres. Epitacio Pessoa and you will note the error in the ex where BRASIL is spelled BBASIL. This error adds only about three times to the value of the BRASIL example, though recently eBay had one in in slightly poorer condition that was bid up to $97 US! Current catalogue value for this item is about $20 US.

For more info on  Dom Pedro I or Pres. Epitacio Pessoa click on the links.

Brazil; 1000 Rs 1932 4th Centenary of Colonization

KM#531 Unc  
The obs. depicts Martim Afonso de Souza (c 1500-1571) for more info on de Souza go to this URL http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martim_Afonso_de_Sousa

Great Britain; Festival of Britain Crown 1951

S. 4111 unc. CuNi  
 Festival of Britain info


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