FRANCE, Provincial. Angoulême. Time of Guillaume V-Hugues I. c. CE 1170-1245.

 BI Denier (18mm, 0.81 g, 6h). La Marche mint. Struck in the name of Louis VII, VIII, or IX.

Poey d'Avant 2663
Duplessy,Féodales 947
Roberts 4361

O: + LODOICVS (S horizontal), cross pattée
R: + EGOLISSIME (Ss horizontal), cross, three arms ending in circles, fourth ending in crescent.

EX: CIVRAC HOARD (2000)  deposition sometime in the first half of the 13th century CE.

Greece/Seleucid; Antiochus VIII Grypos BCE 121-96

AE   mm,   g, Antioch mint, c. BCE 121-120
O: radiate hd of Antiochus r
R: eagle stg l sceptre in bkgd BAΣΙΛΕΩΣ ANTIOXOY on r, on l. [EΠ]ΙΦΑΝ[ΟΥΣ]
control off flan, beneath eagle S.E. Date off flan

ISLAMIC/Abbasid; al-Mansur CE 754-775

AV Dinar 4.24 g, 18 mm, 7h, possibly Madinat as-Salam (Baghdad) mint, AH 157/CE 773-4

Album 212

Ex: Stephen Album Auction 2 (2 Dec 2007) lot 1102