Greece/Seleucid; Demetrius I Soter BCE 162-150

AE 20 mm, 7.79 g, Tyre mint   SE 154=BCE 159/8

SC 1671, SNG Spaer 1314-1318, Newell Tyre 47

O : diad hd of Demetrius r., one diadem end flying up behind, the other falling forward over shoulder, dotted border.

R: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΔHMHTPIOY in two lines above, TYPIΩN and Phoenician inscription “of Tyre” in two lines in ex., stern of galley, date above, dotted border.

Date above stern: LΔNP

Controls: none

Coins of the Seleucid Empire from the collection of Arthur Houghton (Ancient coins in North American collections) 

Seleucid Coins 2: A Comprehensive Guide. Part 2: Seleucus IV through Antiochus XIII


Greece/Seleucid; Antiochus I Soter BCE 280-261


AR Drachm, 18 mm, 3.98 g., Seleucia on the Tigris mint, BCE c. 278-274 (per Newell)

ESM 158, SC 380.2b

O: diad. Hd of Antiochus I, r, dotted border.

R: BAΣΙΛΕΩΣ on the r., ANTIOXOY on the l., Apollo, slight drapery on r.thigh std l., on omphalos, testing arrow and resting l., hand on grounded bow.

Controls on outer r and l. 

Greece/Seleucid; Antiochus VI Dionysus BCE 144-142

AE 20 mm, 4.46 g, Antioch mint

Winterthur III, 5012, SC 2007b (this coin)

O: Radiate and diademed hd of king r., one diadem tie falling forward over shoulder, dotted border.

R: [BAΣΙΛΕΩΣ/A]NTIOXOY in two lines above panther, [E]ΠΙΦANOYΣ/ [ΔI]ONYΣOY in two lines below, panther stg l., foreleg raised, head facing, broken spear in mouth.

Primary control above panther’s tail: ΣTA

Secondary control: palm branch

Planchet appears to have been broken in antiquity.


Greece/Seleucid; Antiochus VI Epiphanes Dionysus BCE 144-142

AE 15 mm, 2.9 g, Probably Ptolemaϊs Ake mint

SC 2025, CSE 252-253, SNG Spaer 1789-1793v

O: Radiate and diademed hd of king r., one diadem tie falling forward over shoulder, dotted border.

R: [BAΣΙΛΕΩΣ/A]NTIOXOY in two lines above horse, [E]ΠΙΦANOYΣ/ [ΔI]ONYΣOY in two lines below. Horse stg l foreleg raised.

Control on r: A over B


Greece/Seleucid; Antiochus V Eupator BCE 164-162

AR Tetradrachm, 33 mm, 16.5 g, Antioch mint

SC 1575.10, CSE 138, SMA 77

O: diad hd of Antiochus V r., diadem ends falling straight behind, fillet border.

R: BAΣΙΛΕΩΣ on r., ANTIOXOY on l, EYΠATOPOΣ in ex., Zeus enthroned l., resting on scepter and holding Nike who crowns royal name, monogram HP control on outer left.

Ex: Noble Numismatics Pty Ltd (Australia) 75 (Mar/Apr 2004) lot 1842

Ex: Noble Numismatics Pty Ltd (Australia) 64 (July 2000) lot 2310

Description from catalogue:

"SYRIA, Kingdom of, Antiochus V, (164-162 B.C.), silver tetradrachm, (16.504 grams), Antioch mint, obv. diademed head of Antiochus V to right, fillet border, rev. Zeus seated left on throne, holding Nike in outstretched hand and sceptre, on right, **BASILEOS and to left **ANTIOCOU and **EUPATORO[S] in exergue, HP monogram in left field, (S.7004, Newell SMA 77, ACNAC Houghton 138, SNG Spaer (Israel I) -). Minor surface marks, otherwise very fine and rare.

Newell notes only the Ward specimen (787) in all the public and private collections."


Greece/Seleucid; Demetrius II Second Reign, BCE 129-125

AR Tetradrachm, 28 mm, 13.86 g., 12h, Tyre mint, SE 186=BCE 127/6
SC 2195.4b, Newell Tyre 173
O: diad., draped bust r, beardless, dotted border.
R: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ (curving) on r., ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΥ on l., eagle stg l on ship’s ram, palm branch under far wing, dotted border.
Mintmarks: A/PE above club surmounted by monogram TYP in l. field and AΣin r. field above with date CΠΡ

Control, between eagle’s legs, monogram ΓΗΡ