Greece/Olympia; Elis BCE 160-146

AR Hemidrachm, 2.44 grams, 15.46 mm (Achaean League issue)
BCD Peloponnesos 668.1 (this coin), Clerk-236, Agrinion 476
O: laureate hd of Zeus r.
R: AX monogram with F to left A to right I above and fulmen below.
DEALER NOTES: “An especially well centered and struck example with the finer artistic style portrait of Zeus gracing the obverse. Lightly toned, extremely attractive and highly desirable as it was struck in the ancient city where the Olympiads were held. Considerable luster remains in the protected areas of both surfaces with only rub on the highest areas preventing me from assigning this piece the EF designation. Rare. "
Ex: Hirsh 155 (1987), 91
Ex: BCD Collection (as noted above)
Ex: LHS 96 (2006), 668.1

Greece/Arkadia; Megalopolis BCE c.195-188

AR Triobol, 2.28 g (Arkadian League Issue)
BCD Peloponnesos 1547.1 (this coin); Agrinion 204 (same obverse die)

O: laureate hd of Zeus left
R: Pan seated on rocks holding lagobolon, right hand raised, eagle in field

Ex: BCD Collection, LHS 96 (2006) 1547.1