A leaden aside....

Lead has been utilized for a variety of purposes throughout history; coins being an example of the more sedate usages.

Mainly, Lead has been used in human warfare as well as in everyday products in the recent past that have contributed to needlessly killing and poisoning many generations of humanity.

The examples provided below, span two millenia and are objects utilized in different kinds of warfare, the first from a battle in Spain c. BCE 45 and the second from the American Civil War 1861-1865.

Roman Glans, c. BCE 45, likely from the Battle of Munda

39 x 15 mm, 37.85 g (views of all sides)

American Civil War 1861-1865, dropped 58 caliber Minie ball likely Confederate manufacture (Georgia?), conical cavity. 22mm long, 12 mm wide, 6 mm deep cavity and 26.43 g., MM 380 type, TT 165v, weapon rifle musket. paper cartridge, muzzle load, percussion cap ignition.

before use:

after use:

previous flipped over. 26.27 g