Greece/Seleucid; Antiochus I Soter BCE 280-261

Æ 18 mm. 7.19 g, 6 h, Tarsus mint. (Newell dates this to c. BCE 278-261)
SC 332.2, WSM 1300, CSE I & II ----, SNG Spaer -----

O: Head of Athena right, wearing Corinthian helmet , dotted border.
R: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ above, ANTIOXOY below, Two pilei; between, elephant head left between caps; below, monogram.
Ex: Sayles & Lavender
Acquisition: 2009
Tantalus ID#35522


Greece/Seleucid; Alexander I Balas BCE 152-145

AE 20 mm, 6.55 g., Apamea on Orontes mint, SE 163 (BCE 150-149) cmk palm branch in rectangular punch

SC 1804c or d v

O: diad hd of Balas r.

R: AΠΑΜΕΩΝ, Zeus stg l holding a Corinthian helmet and resting on a scepter, cmk to the left, helmet above date ΓΞΡ

Acquisition: 2009


Greece/Seleucid; Cleopatra Thea and Antiochus VIII BCE 125-121

AE 19 mm, 6.58 g. , Ptolemaïs Ake mint, SE 188=BCE 125/4

SC 2274.5 (unlike the SCII example, this one is dated and therefore places the N control in SE 188)

O: Radiate, diademed hd of Antiochus VIII r, no diadem ends visible, dotted border.

R: ΒΑΣΙΛΙΣΣΗΣ ΚΛΕΟΠΑΤΡΑΣ in two lines on r. ΚΑΙ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΝΤΙΟΧΟΥ in three lines, Isis headdress, resting on inverted crescent. date in ex. HΠP, high inner right N

Tantalus ID#35541