IRAN/Sasanian; Examples from a Hoard from the time of Yazdgard III in Kirman c. CE 642-645/6

The hoard has invariably been referred to as the "Silk Road Hoard" or the "Tokharistan Hoard" but was described in great detail in an article entitled "A Hoard from the time of Yazdgard III in Kirman" by Heidemann, Riederer & Weber ( Iran 52 (2014): 79-124). 

As these examples are studied further I will be updating their respective information. These are both drachms minted posthumously in the name of Khusro II (CE 590-628) and are thought to have been minted at a centralized mint of Yazdgard III sometime after the Battle of Qadisiyya and possibly just before the Battle of Nihavand during the early days of the Muslim conquest of the Sasanian Empire.

AR Drachm, 32 mm, 3.92 g, 9h, ShY (Shiz) mint, Yr. 37
Heidemann etal, Die 33 late=ShY 37A=0483, 26 examples noted.

AR Drachm, 32 mm, 4.1 g, 3h, ART (Ardashir Khurrah aka Jur or Gor mint), yr. 37
Heidemann etal, Die 15 = ART 37A=0082, 23 examples noted.

GREECE/Sicily; Himera c. BCE 415-409

AE Hemilitron; 15 mm, 2.76 g., 11h.

Kraay, Bronze, group b, 3
CNS 35
HGC 2, 479

O: Hd of nymph left six pellets before.
R: six pellets (Mark of Value) within wreath