Egypt; Ptolemaic Dynasty in the name of Alexander III; Ptolemy I Soter as Satrap BCE 323-305

AR Obol, 9 mm 0.67 g, 10h, Arados mint c. BCE 320/19-305

cf. Price 3424 (Tetradrachm)

mint mark monogram in left field AP

All other inscriptions are not visible or off flan.

Tsarist Russia; Romanov Dyn 1613-1917

Nicholas II 1894-1917
AV 5 Rubles, St Petersburg mint, moneyer AG, 1898
4.3 g 18 mm

Y. 62


ISRAEL 1970/5730 1/2 IL.

Israel CN Half Lira 1970 dated 5730 uncirculated with very attractive irridescent blue toning in hand

KM #36.1  6.8 g, 24.5 mm  1,000,999 minted (this example is uncirculated and was part of a tourist packet from 1970 that had remained unopened for 44 years).


SAMARIA, c. BCE 375-333

AR Obol (8 mm, 0.70 g)

Meshorer & Qedar, Samaria 27 var.

O: Bridled horse right; Aramaic inscription not legible but usually “RY” (cleaning scratches)

R: Winged sphinx with hd of Persian King, Aramaic “R” (barely legible) all within dotted incuse square.