ISLAMIC/Ghaznavid; Mahmud CE 998-1030

AV Dinar, 5.02 g, 25 mm, Nishapur (Iran) mint, AH 390/CE 999-1000


O: inner circle of inscription Bismillah duriba hadha dinar bi-Nishapur sanah tis'ayin wa thalathami'ah
(In the name of Allah, this dinar was struck at Nishapur in the year 390). Naming Abbasid Caliph al-Qadir billahi AH 381/CE 991-AH 422/CE 1031.

R: usual inscriptions and titles among them Wali Amir al-Mu'minin (viceroy of the Commander of the Faithful).


ISLAMIC/Umayyad Governors; Anonymous c. AH 90's/CE 710s Jund Filastin

AE fals (16mm, 2.21gm, 2h), Filastin (naming the jund or military 

district Filastin [Palestine] rather than the city Iliya [Jerusalem]), undated. 

O: Within circle, la ilah / illa Allah / wahdahu ("There is no god but Allah alone"); in 

margin, lillah al-mulk falsan waf("To Allah [belongs] the kingdom, [one] falsan, full 


R: Within circle, Muhammad / rasul / Allah("Muhammad is the apostle of Allah"); in 

margin, darb bi-Filastin ("was struck in Filastin") and palm branch. 

SNAT-IVa, 22 (Jerusalem); Bone Iliya 5d; cf. Walker 911; Album 175 (R).  


ISLAMIC/Umayyad Governors c AH 120+/CE 738+ Tabariyya

AE Fals (2.38 g, 18 mm, 10h), Tabariyya (Tverya, Israel mint) 

O: stylized Ram's head inside circle of dots, surrounded by the Shahada
R: Tabar/iyyah inside circle surrounded by Muhammad Rasulillahi.

SNAT IVa 360-363
Walker  p. 267 P137
Album 188 variety, but of the two examples listed by Album on his website both are listed as Rare despite the Common rating for the majority of A-188 varieties. It appears to be a generic description.

references: Dr. Busso Peus Nachfolger Auktion 407/8 lot 1336 (7 Nov 2012) estimate € 150 realized € 480

Excavation of Herodian Jericho Cat of Islamic Coins by Geo. Miles (1951)
p. 37 #44 and plate 62 #8.

also cf. zeno.ru #95839, 95840 and 42902