IRAN/Sasanid; Khusro II CE 590/1-628// Persian Occupation of Egypt CE 618-628

AE 12 Nummia, 18mm, 7.42 g, 6h, Alexandria mint.

Göbl VIII/8
SB 855

O: Crowned and cuirassed facing bust of Khosrau II, crown surmounted by cross; star in left field, crescent in right.

R:  Large I B; cross potent on globe between; ΑΛΕΞ. in ex.


GREEK/Seleucid; Alexander I Balas BCE 152-144

AE 18 mm, 7.25 g, 12h, Antioch mint

SC 1790.1a

O: Balas in a Boeotian helmet rt.

R: ΒAΣIΛEΩΣ on r,  AΛEΞANΔPOY on l., Nike left crowning name and grain ear on outer left. No controls noted.




GREEK; Mysia, Pergamon c. BCE 150-140

AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm 27mm, 12.54 g 12h.

Kleiner-Noe Series 22

SNG France ---

O: Cista mystica with serpent; all within ivy wreath

R: Bow-case ornamented with aphlaston between two coiled serpents, their tails intertwined, ΠΕΡ monogram to left, cornucopia to right.

Ex: Warren Esty Ex: Don Hay Collection (TX) 2011


HUNGARY; Arpad Dynasty (Árpád Ház); Bela II (II. Béla magyar király) CE 1131-1141

AR Denar, 12 mm, 0.36 g

Unger 53

O:Cross with circle; pellet in each quarter. (gyöngykörben kereszt, szárai között pontok, a felirat helyén E és vonalkák)
R: Cross within circle; pellet in each quarter (belsõ vonalkörben kereszt, szárai között ékek, a két vonalkör között vonások)