Greece/Seleucid; Antiochus III BCE 223-187

AE 20 mm (Denom. B), 8.49 g, 12h, Seleucia on the Tigris mint c. BCE 220-215
bevelled edge on obverse.

SC 1171 
ESM 237

O: diad hd of Antiochus r with young features and hair in bangs over forehd, dotted border.
R: BΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ on r and ANTIOXOY on l., Nike stg l holding palm branch dotted border.

control visible outer right not visible on outer left but no reason to suspect it is different from that mentioned in SC.

This example is about 0.8 grams heavier than the high end of the published weight range.
considered R2 in Hoover.