A Small Selection of the Votive issue of Julian II CE 361-363

All inscriptions are as described here:
O: DN FL CL IVLIANVS PF AVG, helmeted cuir., diad., bust left with shield and spear
R: VOT/X/MVLT/XX within a wreath, mm in ex. 

AE 3; 19mm, 3.05 g, 12h, Siscia mint c. CE 362-363

RIC 421  mm appears to be palm branch then officina mark followed by SISC with a dot, though the initial portion is obscured. 

RCV 19171

AE 3, 19 mm, 2.68 g, 11h, Sirmium mint c. 362-363


RIC 108, RCV 19172

AE 3; 20 mm, 2.96 g, 12h, Constantinople mint c. 362-363

mm branches on either side CONSPA

RIC 166 (Scarce), RCV 19176

AE 3; 20 mm, 3.29 g, 11h, Heraclea mint c. CE 362-363

No Spear variety****


RIC 106, RCV 19174

AE 3; 19 mm, 2.66 g, 11h, Antioch mint c. CE 362-363


RIC 219 (Rare), RCV 19181

AE 3; 20 mm, 3.57 g, 5h, Antioch mint c. CE 362-363

mm branches on either side of SMANTΓ

RIC 221 (Rare), RCV 19182

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ISLAMIC/India; Malwa Sultanate; 1401-1531

Two examples of square Fulus minted between 1500-1531 by the last members of the Khilji Dynasty.

 Nasir ud-Din Shah CE 1500-1511

AE Square Fals, 18 mm (4mm thick), 10.61 g, 9 h, NM dated AH 914/CE 1508-1509

Goron-Goenka M140 v.

O: Nasir Shah al-Khilji/bin Ghiyath Shah
R: as-Sultan bin as-Sultan 914

Mahmud Shah II CE 1511-1531

AE Square Fals, 12mm (3mm thick), 4.08 g, 9h, NM, ND

O: Mahmud Shah al-Khilji/bin[-----]
R: as-Sultan bin as-Sultan