Greece; Seleucid; Antiochus VIII Grypus BCE 121/0-96

AR Tetradrachm, 29 x 30 mm, 16.36 g, Uncertain mint 116 in Cilicia or N. Syria c. after 112 BCE.
 SC 2294.3, SNG Spaer 2569, HSC 1197c (R2)

O: diad hd r, diad ends falling straight behind, fillet border.

R: BAΣΙΛΕΩΣ ANTIOXOY in two lines on rt EΠΙΦΑΝΟΥΣ on left, Zeus Uranios standing left, crescent above head, holding scepter in left hand, star above extended right hand, slightly double struck. Controls on outer left monogram above A, and N in ex.


Greece/Seleucid; Antiochus IV Epiphanes BCE 175-164

AE 18 mm, 4.2g, 1h, Edessa mint c. BCE 168-164

SC 1499d, CSE 894, HSC 672 (R1-2)

O: rad, diad, hd r. one diad end flying up behind and the other falling forward over shlder, fillet border (not dotted as described in SC)

R: [AN]TIOXEΩN on right, TΩN [E]ΠI KAΛΛIPOHI in two lines on left. Control on outer left.


Greece/Seleucid; Antiochus VII Sidetes BCE 138-129

AR Drachm, 4.1 g, 18 mm, 12h, Antioch mint

SC 2062.2d, SMA 307

O: diad hd of king r. diadem ends falling straight behind, fillet border

R: BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIOXOY in two lines on r., EYEPΓETOY on l., Nike adv l holding wreath

Primary control outer l monogram ΔI

Secondary control inner r beneath wings: Π

Ex: HJB stock


Greece/Seleucid; Alexander II Zabinas BCE 128-122

AR Tetradrachm 29 mm, 16.54 g Antioch mint

SC 2219.2d, SMA 341, NY 1944.100.76738, CH VIII, plate LXVII #3 (this coin)

O: diad hd of Alexander II r diad ends falling behind in gentle waves, fillet border

R: [B]AΣΙΛΕΩΣ on r., AΛΕΞΑΝΔPOY on l., Zeus enthroned l. resting l hand on scepter, extending r hand beyond legend and holding Nike facing l extending wreath toward edge of coin.

Controls outer l and AI under throne

EX: Tartous Hoard 1987 (CH VIII, 471 & CH X, 322)

cf. example in Berlin with same reverse die


Roman Egypt; Carinus CE 283-285

Potin Tetradrachm; 19 mm, 8.5 g, 12h, Yr. 3=CE Aug. 284- Spring 285

RCV 12382, Emmett 4009 (2), Dattari 5583, Milne 4737

O: laur, dr bust r., A K M A KAPINOC CЄB
R: ЄTOVC Γ, Homonoia stg l r hand extended holding double cornucopiae in l


Greece/Seleucid; Antiochus VI Dionysus BCE 144-c.142/1

AE 20 mm serratus, 7.4 g, Antioch mint

SC 2006b, SNG Spaer 1771

O: rad hd r wreathed in ivy one diadem end waving up behind the other falling forward over shoulder dotted border

R: elephant adv l holding torch in trunk, in field to r ΣTA and palm branch, above [B]AΣΙΛΕΩ[Σ]/ ANTIOXOY below EΠΙΦΑΝΟΥΣ/ΔIONYΣOY


Greece/Aeolis; Larissa Phrikonis BCE 350-300

AE 11 mm, 1.34g, 12h

BMC Aeolis p. 134, 2 variety (AE 16)

O: hd of nymph r.

R: amphora in center, bunch of grapes above, with club on left (described as an ear of grain in sources) and caduceus on right. [Λ] at top left of bunch of grapes [A] at top right of same. P inner lower left and I inner lower right.

This coin appears to be RRR according to the available sources, only comparable types on net are the AE 16-18 varieties.