Greece; Seleucid; Antiochus II Theos BCE 261-246

AE 17 mm, 3.78 g,  Sardes mint c. BCE 250-246 per Newell

SC 525.1d, WSM 1411

O: laureate head of Apollo r.

R: B]AΣΙΛEΩΣ on r. ANTIOXOY on l., tripod stg on symbol (in this case an Anchor r.) primary control outer r., secondary controls outer l.


Greece/Seleucid; Antiochus VII Sidetes BCE 138-129

 AE 14 mm, 2.78 g, Antioch mint SE 177/BCE 136-135

SC 2068.4, HSC 1096 (S)

O: lion hd r., dotted border.
R:    BAΣΙΛEΩΣ ANTIOXOY in two lines on r., EYEPΓETOY on l., vertical club.,
Date lower field IOP

No visible controls.

Greece/Seleucid; Antiochus IV Epiphanes BCE 175-164

AE Chalkous, 15 mm, 2.63 g., perhaps Samaria mint c. BCE 168-164

SC 1489 v, HSC 638a (S)

O: radiate diademed hd r, one diad end falling straight behind and the other falls over shoulder. Fillet border. mark of value behind hd A/X

R:  ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ  on r., ANTI[OXOY] on left. goddess std l., on high backed throne, holding Nike, bird standing l, at feet. dotted border.

Controls: none or none visible on this example.


Greece/Seleucid; Antiochus VII Sidetes BCE 138-129

A pair of Eros/Isis bronzes
Antiochus VII minted in Antioch dated SE 182

AE 17 mm, 6.14 g, Antioch mint  SE 182/BCE 131-130
SC 2067.20d, HSC 1087 (C)

O: Bust of winged Eros r., dotted border

R: BAΣΙΛEΩΣ ANTIOXOY in two lines on r., EYEPΓETOY on l., Isis headress.

Control (outer l.) ΔI in monogram, symbol outer l, below: cornucopiae

Date in ex: BΠP

Antiochus VII minted in Antioch dated SE 177

AE 18 mm, 6.17 g, Antioch mint  SE 177/BCE 136-135

SC 2067.9d, HSC 1087 (C)

O: Bust of winged Eros r., dotted border

R: BAΣΙΛEΩΣ ANTIOXOY in two lines on r., EYEPΓETOY on l., Isis headress.

Control (outer l.) ΔI in monogram, symbol below main type: star

Date in ex: IOP


Islamic/Mughal India

Muhi id-din Muhammad Aurangzeb Bahadur Alamgir I (1658-1707 CE)
AR Rupee,  24 mm   11.47 g , Khanbayat mint   AH 1118 Regnal 51 (April 1706-March 1707)

KM 300.51

O: Aurangzeb ‘Alamgir (1118)
     Zad chobadr munir
     Dar Jahan
R: Manus
     Sannah 51 jalus

Ex: Stephen Album Rare Coins item #807797

Ex William F. Spengler (1923-2005) Collection

Ex: William B. Warden Jr (1947-2000) Numismatist stock # 89006815

Ex  Virgil M Brand (1862-1926) Collection
Likely sold by Spink 50 (6-7 Mar 1986)
With Brand’s own cabinet card (see below)

Virgil Brand a very successful brewer in Chicago, amassed an immense collection of over 300,000 coins...Reclusive in his habits, he would study the coins he loved so well in his apartment above the brewery, notating descriptions and prices paid in his volumes of ledgers. From before the turn of the century until his death in 1926, he added, on an average, about 10,000 coins each year, including many important coins of antiquity as well as of the United States, medieval times and of the world in general. (p. 123 of Bromberg I catalog, 1991)

                                                Virgil Brand
Ex:  William Theobald (1829-1908) Sale, 1901 (per Brand card) the sale was held by Sotheby, 15 July 1901, William Theobald of Budleigh Salterton; Oriental, 231 lots. thanks to Curtis Clay for providing this information.  (cf. wikipedia entry for Wm. Theobald English Naturalist)   According to Prof. T.V. Buttrey who was kind enough to provide the following information: "However on the title page the collection comprised 'Many fine and rare Specimens of the Durrani, Monguls of Delhi, Taimurids, Monguls of Hindustan, Rajas of Assam, White Huns, Kings of Arrakan, Khalsa Confederacy, Guptas, Indo-Scythians, Pathan Sultans of Hindustan, Pathans of Bengal, Bactrian, Sassanian, and other Dynasties.'"

 Geological Survey of India in late 19th Century


Brand Cabinet Card illustrated below:

INDIA, MUGHAL, Shah Jahan, 1628-59, AR rupee (11.3g/26mm) 1039 AH year 2 month of Bahman (1630-1631 CE) Patna mint,  K222.13

O: Shihab ed-din Muhammad Shah Jahan badshah ghazi sahib quiran sani
R: Kalima / zarb patna sanah 2 ilahi mah bahman (minting of patna year 2 divine month Bahman).