BRITAIN; Tudor; Mary CE 1553-1558

I have been reading Peter Ackroyd's TUDORS, the second volume of his history of Britain. The first volume FOUNDATION was a quick and interesting read and I certainly enjoyed his inclusion of important social history info that placed the recitation of royal and noble facts in proper perspective. TUDORS is dominated by a discussion of the Reformation for the first 300 pages. I am only now entering the early Elizabethan period in the text. If you can get past the beheadings and the burnings and the disputes about religious minutia it's a good read.

Here are two pieces related to "Bloody Mary" from her short reign:

AR Groat, 24 mm, 1.81 g, 3h  London, CE 1553-1554

SCBC 2492
N. 1960

Pomegranate privy mark

O: MARIA D G ANG FRA Z HIB REGINA   crowned bust left

R: VERITAS TEMPORIS FILIA   long cross fourchee over royal shield

AR cut Groat,  22 x 12mm, 0.87g, 9h,  London, CE 1554-1558

SCBC 2508
N. 1973

Lis privy mark

O: PHILIP Z [MARIA D G REX ET R]EGI  crowned bust of Mary left
R: POSVI[MVS DEVM ADIV]TO NOS   cross fourchee over royal shield

from the patina it appears that this piece was cut at sometime in the past. It would be interesting to hear from anyone who has encountered similar cut groats, particularly from a time when half groats were being minted (though considering their respective catalogue prices, there may have been a shortage of half groats that caused groats to be cut for smaller change.)