IRAN/Parthia (Arsakid); Orodes II BCE 57-38

AR Drachm 4.06 g, 18 mm, Court at Rhagai mint.

Shore 230 v
Sunrise 362
Sellwood 45.9

O: diad bust l, wearing torque with pellet end

R: Arsakes I std r on throne, holding bow, blundered legend to r, Rhagai mint mark

IRAN ایران /Sasanian شاهنشاهی ساسانی /Bahram IV CE 388-399

AR Drachm, 3.9 g, 22 mm, NM ND

Göbl 136 v

O: bust right wearing winged merlon crown with korymbos, distinct name proceeding from bottom right and around to the left. Appears to be “Bahram malkan mazdisn” or “King Bahram, mazda worshipper”.

R: fire altar with ribbons flanked by two attendants.