Greece/ Seleucid; Antiochus III BCE 223-187

AR Tetradrachm 16.8g/ 32mm/1h, Uncertain Mint 68, in N. Mesopotamia, from BCE 197

SC 1132.4 (this coin), WSM 857,  CH X , 292; 707 (this coin on plate 36)

O: diad. Hd of Antiochus III with mature features tousled hair, hairline beginning to recede at temple, diad ends falling straight behind, dotted border.

R: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ  on right ANTIOXOY on left, controls outer left placed sideways and reading downward.

Ex: "Pamphylia or Cilicia" Hoard, 2000  (Uncertain Findspot CH X; 292, Lot C)
Deposition c. 187/186 BCE

Known or published examples (4):

WSM 857, Newell 16.69 g

Hamburger Sale, June 1930, #422, pl. 13, 16.93 g

 (much thanks to Prof. Ted Buttrey for supplying a scan of this photo)

Naville Sale X, June 1925, #971, pl. 35 (cf NC 1912, pp. 245-6 #10, pl. ix, 12) 16.73 g.

 SC 1132.4 ex Pamphylia or perhaps Cilicia Hoard, 2000 (this coin) 16.8 g

Note: it appears that in the photographed examples shown here, there was one obverse die and at least three reverse dies. The Hamburger sale example is the only one that appears to be a different obs and rev die together (reverse appears somewhat barbaric by comparison as well).

This is an example found on MA Shops with the same obv. die but different reverse and apparently unlisted and unpublished control combo reversed from the aforementioned positions. 30mm, 16.85g, 13h. still available at a reasonable price (as of 1 May 2011) http://www.ma-shops.com/cgb/item.php5?id=30799&lang=en for € 350,00 (USD 517)