Greece/Macedon;Philip III Arrhidaios in the name of Alexander III, BCE 323-317

AR Drachm, 17 mm, 4.12g, Babylon mint c. BCE 323-317 Struck under Archon, Dokimos, or Seleukos I. (or Perdikkas BCE 323-320 per older listings)

Price 3693 (very rare per CNG listings of the two they have sold in 2005 and 2011)

O: Head of Herakles right, wearing lion skin, test cut at 11 o’clock measuring 6mm x 1mm.

R: ΑΛΕΞΑ[ΝΔΡΟΥ] to right vertically, BAΣ[ΙΛΕΩΣ] horizontally in ex. Zeus Aëtophoros seated left; M in left field, ΛY below throne


Greece/Seleucid; Antiochus IV Epiphanes BCE 175-164

AE 15 mm, 3.4 g, Apamea mint c. BCE 168-164

SC 1428a

O: diad hd of Antiochus r, one diadem end flying up behind, the other falling forward over shoulder, dotted border.

R: ΑΠΑΜΕΩΝ ΤΩΝ in two lines on r., ΠΡΟ-Σ TΩΙ AΞΙΩΙ in two lines on l., Zeus stg l., holding Nike and holding scepter.


Greece/Seleucid; Antiochus VI Dionysos BCE 144-142/1

AE Serrated 22 mm, 8.88g, Antioch mint, c. BCE 143-142

CSE 248, SC 2006a variety (control appears to be cornucopia)
O: radiate hd of Antiochus as Dionysus r obs o/c to lower r

R: elephant adv l holding torch in trunk, in field to r [ΣTA] and cornucopia partly visible, above [B]AΣΙΛ[ΕΩΣ]/ ANTIOX[OY] below EΠΙΦΑΝΟΥΣ/ΔIONY[ΣOY]


Greece/Macedon; Alexander III BCE 336-323

AE 18 mm, 6.56 g, Tarsus mint c. BCE 327-323

Price 3029, SNG Cop. 1058; Müller 1539
O: Head of Herakles r, wearing lion's skin

R: ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔPOY betwen club and bow in bowcase, bunch of grapes and Θ above

Roman Egypt; Gallienus sole reign CE 260-268

Potin Tetradrachm; 21 mm, 9.1 g, 12h, Yr. 15=CE 267-268

Emmett 3851 (1)


R: Eagle stg r, hd left wreath in mouth and palm branch on wing. L IЄ