USA/Barber Quarter CE 1892-1916, a buried single find

AR Quarter Dollar (24mm, 5.8g) 3,480,450 mintage Philadelphia mint 1915

KM #114

In 1984, I was helping a friend remove a stump from his backyard and while washing off some of the roots that had been about 2-4"(5-10cm) below grade so we could remove them, I noticed a glint in the sunshine. We stopped our work momentarily and washed off what turned out to be a 1915 quarter that based upon wear likely circulated for some time before being lost at the base of his old oak. The property where the coin was found had a house on it that dated from 1848 so it was possibly lost by someone who lived there in the late 1920's or 30's perhaps. My friend told me to keep the piece and I've had it these thirty years as a memento from that day and the oldest coin I've found on purpose or by accident in the USA. The patina is much nicer in hand and is as found.

Saudi Arabia/King Khaled خالد بن عبد العزيز CE 1975-1982

CuNi (30mm. 10g) 100 Halala/1 Rial AH 1396/CE 1976 mintage 250,000

KM  #52   

O: crossed swords and palm tree at center, above Khaled bin 'Abdul'aziz as-Sa'ud. below: Malik al-Mamlakah al-'Arabiyyah as-Sa'udiyyah

R: legend avove inscription in circle dividing value. above: ma'ah halalah center circle riyal wahid


Bi. Drachm; 15mm, 2.1 g, 3h, Taxila mint

O: BAΣIΛEΩΣ BAΣIΛEΩN MEΓAΛOY/AZOY; King mounted on horse r holding whip, Kharoshthi letter “bu” at right field.

R: Zeus stg l, holding Nike aloft in outstretched r hand, holding scepter in l., Nike holding a diadem, monogram at l, Kharoshthi ltr “stra” r. topped with Greek B, Kharoshthi legend around  maharajasa rajarajasa mahatasa/Ayasa

INDIA/Kushans; Vima Kadphises c. first quarter of 2nd Century CE (likely before CE 127)

AE 28 mm (Tetradrachm or unit), 16.4 g, 11h

Göbl 762 type

O: King stg facing sacrificing at fire altar at left, club and tamgha in right field and axehd shafted trident in left field. [BACIΛEYC BACIΛEWN CW]THP MEΓAC OOHMO KA[ΔΦICHC]

R: Shiva stg facing holding trident and deerskin, bull Nandi stg behind to right. Kharoshti legend; Maharajasa rajadirajasa sarvaloga isvarasa mahisvarasa Vima Kathphishasa tratara

INDIA/Kushans; Huvishka c. CE 155-190

AE 25mm (Tetradrachm or unit), 15.14 g, 12h

Göbl 881 type

O: King riding elephant to right, holding elephant goad. Bactrian legend around:
“King of Kings Huvishka Kushan”

R: Athsho, God of metals and fire stg l. Bactrian legend to right, tamgha in field to left.

INDIA/Kushans; Vasudeva c. CE 195-225

AE 23mm (Copper Unit/Tetradrachm) 8.86 g, c. CE 200-225

Göbl 1004 type

O: Crowned diad king stg facing nimbate, holding trident and sacrificings at altar to left.
Second trident above altar, Bactrian legend around: “King of Kings Bazodeo Kushan” nandipada in r. field.

R: two armed Shiva stg facing holding trident and diadem, bull Nandi stg l behind, Bactrian legend left but not legible on this example. Tamgha at right.