Diva Faustina II CE 176-180

AE Sestertius, 17.57 g, minted Rome CE 176 or later
RIC 1717, RCV 5234, BMCRE 1591, C. 217, MIR 66
O: dr bust of Faustina II r. DIVA FAVSTINA PIA
R: SIDERIBVS RECEPTA, Faustina with veil billowing out around hd and shoulders, stg in galloping biga r.

RCV lists at £ 170 in Fine condition, RIC lists this coin as Rare.

The reverse inscription is the only time this inscription was utilized during the entire imperial period for a couple issues related to Diva Faustina. The Latin inscription means “Received by the stars”. A very poignant wish by her surviving husband, Aurelius.

Ex: Amphora via a lot of 15 Roman bronzes