Indo-Greek, Northern India

Autonomous Local Coinage of Pushkalavati, circa 185 TO 168 BCE,
rectangular AE 1 1/2 Karshapanas, 20 x 18 mm, 10.3 g.
M # 4401-4403 v

O: elephant advancing right, ghadya,
R: Lion , chaitya and swastika

Ex: Amphora
Re: Pushkalavati, the Wikipedia notes the following: Pushkalavati is an ancient site situated in Peshawar valley in Sarhad, Pakistan. It is located on the banks of Swat River, near its junction with Kabul River , now it is known as Charsadda. Puskalavati meaning Lotus City was the capital of ancient kingdom Gandhara from the 6th century BC to 2nd century AD.
The ruins of Pushkalavati consist of many stupas and sites of two old cities.
Map of Pakistan below shows the general area in discussion, which is highlighted in red.