Islamic; Umayyad Caliphate CE 661-750

'Abd al-Malik CE 685-705, AE Fals, Qinnasrin mint, 1.27 g, c. CE 694-697 "standing Caliph design".
Walker 107
O: ﻦﯿﻨﻣﻮﻤﻟﺍﺮﯿﻣﺍ ﻚﻠﻤﻟﺍﺪﺒﻋﷲﺍﺪﺒﻌﻟ
"Of the servant of Allah, 'Abd al-Malik, Commander of the Faithful"
"L'abd allah 'abdalmalik amir al-mu'mineen"
Caliph standing holding the Saif ad-Din to the right.

R: ﷲﺍ ﻝﻮﺳﺭ ﺪﻤﺤﻣ ﻩﺪﺣﻭ ﷲﺍ ﻻﺍ ﻪﻟﺍ ﻻ
"There is no G-d but Allah, he is one, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah"
"La ila ala Allah wahdahu Muhammad Rasul Allah"
acceptable Islamic replacement for the Byzantine Cross on steps motif, "staff on pediment intersected by oval near top"(M. Bates, ANS handbook 2)
to the vertical right is the mint mark "Bi-Qinnasrin" ﻦﯾﺮﺴﻨﻘﺑ and to the vertical left is "waf" ﻑﺍﻭ which means "reliable" as in 'this money is reliable for all transactions....'

Ex: Allan G. Berman
SOLD: 2007