Postumus CE 259-268

Billon Antoninianus, 3.16g., Colonia Agrippina mint (Cologne, Germany),

Obs: radiate draped and cuirassed bust of Postumus right, IMP C POSTVMVS .P. F. AVG,

Rev: Sol advancing left, right hand raised, whip in left hand, P in field left, ORIENS AVG,

RCV 10964, CE 265-268

provenance: Ex: York Coins, Baldwin's Auctions (42), 26 September 2005, William C. Boyd (1840-1906) Collection.

Acquired by Boyd from the Salbris Hoard (Sologne, Loir-et-Cher, Centre, France).

This type is considered rare as it was unlisted among the types found in the Cunetio hoard.

I have recently encountered two sources....one being Boyd himself regarding this hoard. The first appears in the 1905 Jahresberichte der Geschichtswissenshaft (Berlin, F. B Abraham etal) that notes "...700 denaren v. Valerianus bis Aurelianus in Salbris (Loire)" and notes the source as being the "Archaeologischer Anzeiger" (1903).

More importantly is a note found when I searched the Numismatic Chronicle for 1903. In there in the Proceedings for January 15, 1903 I found the following "Mr. Boyd gave an account of a find of Roman coins made at Salbris, near Romorantin in the Department of the Loire. The find consisted of six to seven hundred base denarii extending from the reign of Valerian to that of Aurelian, AD 253-275, and included many pieces of Gallienus, Postumus, Victorinus and Tetricus I and II" (page 10).

It appears that the hoard was likely found in or around 1902.

I think this information will finally end the quandry those of us have had who have been seeking information on this hoard. It also explains why it did not appear in Blanchet (his work being published several years before in 1900) (Les trésors de monnaies romaines et les invasions germaniques en Gaule) --update by JG 4 May 2008.

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William C. Boyd, photograph from Baldwin's Auction Catalogue, 2005