Greece/Seleucid; Antiochus I Soter BCE 280-261

AE 15mm, 8.33 g, 4mm thick, Uncertain Mint 22 coining for Edessa and Anthemous*

THIS COIN IS A NEW VARIETY OF SC 361.3b and unrecorded. (per email from Arthur Houghton in Sept. 2008, whom I thank very much for the information)

This coin is SC 361.3b/ ex-Houghton (CSE 893) sold by CNG in 2005, cf link below:
http://cngcoins.com/Coin.aspx?CoinID=71421 This coin is shown here for illustrative and comparative purposes only. It is not part of this collection.

Houghton & Lorber, 361.3b v , CSE 893 v (though examples have insc. opposite and down),

WSM 801 v, CSE II, 115 has inscription proceeding in same direction as my example but Basileus on r. and Antiochou on left.

This example is heavier than the range provided which was 4.75-7.47 g.

*H & L pp. 135-136 (part 1 vol 1) "Distinguishing features of the Athena/trophy bronzes include dumpy flans, strongly concave reverses, and variations in epigraphy and the disposition of the legend. Provenances reflect a broad area of dispersion, from northeast Syria to Lebanon and Israel. The southernmost finds may signal that these bronzes travelled south with a military expedition, perhaps when Antiochus I captured Damascus, perhaps in the Fifth Syrian War (implying reattribution to Antiochus III)."

Obs: Hd of Athena r in crested Corinthian helmet, dotted border.

Rev: Trophy & Monogram in circle lower rt field. BAΣIΛEΩΣ going up on the left ANTIOXOY going up on the right, split by trophy in ctr of field

Lingren example has Basileus on right and Antiochou on left.

ANS example is about 5+ g.

Found in Israel

Ex: Amphora (David Hendin)
Acquisition: 2006
Tantalus ID#35544