Greek/Attica; Athens (probable) BCE 393 or before

AR Tetradrachm, 22 X 23 mm, 16.48 g c. possibly before BCE 393-c.340
cf. Peter G. van Alfen A New Athenian "Owl" and Bullion Hoard from the Near East (AJN 16-17:2004-2005; pp.47-61) This coin discussed in text and plated, cf. plate 6 #4.

Ex: CH X, 253 "Unknown Findspot" c. 2004
burial Late 4th Century BCE
Contents: 76 AR + 2 dumps

O: Hd of Athena r, eye seen in true profile, "frontal eye type"
R: Owl stg r hd facing, to left olive spray and crescent all within incuse square, to r

Ex: Amphora/Hendin

Hendin wrote “This was the first true ‘silver dollar’ of the ancient world, the coins manufactured in Athens circulated wherever Greeks traveled. Furthermore, similar coins were struck at a number of Eastern mints, and this may be one of them.

This coin saw a lot of circulation, it’s well worn and has countermarks on Athena’s cheek and test cuts on the obverse and reverse.”
van Alfen stated on page 52 in the AJN article that this was a "probable Attic issue". There were six frontal eye types in the hoard, and he went on to say "The probable Attic frontal eye types here mostly appear to be from the early fourth century (cf. Svoronos 1975; pl. 16); nos. 4-6 are quite worn and may in fact be earlier issues." (p.52) The hoard may have closed sometime between BCE 340-332.
The fact that the coin came from Hendin who is thanked in the van Alfen article "for his help in procuring the photographs and additional information on the coins." (p.48) closes the circle on the coin's origins as well as when it was purchased from Hendin.

Acquisition : 2004
Tantalus ID#35551