Second or “Bar Kokhba” Revolt CE 132-135

AE Middle Bronze 25 mm, 7.52 g, Year 2/CE 133-134
H. 708 variety, Mildenberg 310, 49

O: seven branched palm tree with two bunches of dates; Hebrew across field below (Simon).

R: Vine leaf on tendril; Hebrew around (Year Two of the Freedom of Israel).

On this example “Israel” is visible on the right though it is misspelled. Meshorer writes that “Some of the inscriptions tend to be in a distorted form, i.e., the letters are not in their right places.”(Ya’akov Meshorer; Treasury of Jewish Coins, p. 163)

Hendin had also noted that the flan had been broken in antiquity.

Ex: Amphora/D. Hendin

Acquisition: 2004

Modern Israeli 100 prutah (1950-1980) modeled after the Bar Kokhba coin illustrated.