Greece/Acarnania; Oiniadai BCE 219-211

AE 22 6.76g 22mm

GCV 2298 v , SNG Cop. 400var., Mio S. III, 471, 125var.

A similar example is noted in the MÜNZEN & MEDAILLEN GmbH auction of the SAMMLUNG BCD GRIECHISCHE MÜNZEN AKARNANIENS UND AITOLIENS (18 October 2007), specifically Lot 345, which has an estimate of € 150 in Gutes sehr schön. It is also noted that the coin is considered Selten. BCD's example was purchased from A. H. Baldwin in London in 1972.
This example is 23 mm and weighs 5.67 g.

OBS: Hd of Zeus rt.
REV: forepart of man headed river god Achelous, rt.

ΟΙΝΙΑΔΑΝ above and AΚΑΡ in monogram (though is not clear on the coin due to wear)

Ex: Ancient Byways

Acquisition: 2006

area underlined in red denotes location of Acarnania