Greece/Euboia; Histiaia c. late 4th century BCE

AR Drachm, 15 mm, 3.32 g (c. BCE 350-300)

Obv: Wreathed head of nymph Histiaia right
Rev: IΣTI, Bull standing right before grape vine; monogram to right.

BCD 374 (R)-375 (O); SNG Copenhagen 516; BMC Central Greece page 125, 4; Traite II 119, Grose 5725

Dealer’s notes: Good VF, well centered. Darkly toned (almost black). Scarce

Ex Stack's 15-17 March 1979, lot 119 (sold for $160.00 + 5%). According to the Stack's Public Auction Sale Catalogue, the coin was noted as "Rare, VF" with a reserve of $150. Purchased by BCD from the Stack's Auction.

Ex BCD Collection (not in Lanz sale).

Ex CNG "Coin Shop" listed 19 November 2004 for $295.


Acquisition: 2007