Islamic/Ayyubid Syria; Halab CE 1237-1260

An-Nasir Salah ad-Din II CE 1237-1260 with Caliph al-Muta'sim CE 1242-1258
AR Dirham, 21 mm, 2.63 g, Halab/Aleppo mint, c. CE 1245-1258
O: al-Malik an-Nasir/bin al-Malik al-'Aziz on outside can be read the word "sana" for year but not much else.
R: al-Imam al-Muta'sim/Amir al-Mu'minin shahada around central design.
Ex: shop in the Suq of Jerusalem's Old City, on Bab as-Silsileh St.
Acquisition: 1987, paid 10 ₪.
In the seven centuries since this coin was minted it possibly moved a mere 521 km +/- (324 mi.+/-) between Halab and Jerusalem, but from the day I purchased it, it moved from Jerusalem to Herzlia and then to the USA (9,000 km or 5,700 mi) where it has remained.