Islamic/Ottoman Interregnum CE 1402-1413 (AH 806-816)

Mehmet I Çelebi b. Bayazit CE 1402-1421 with Timur as Suzerain
AR Akche, 15 mm, 1.17 g. Bursa mint, AH 806/CE 1403-1404
M. 1240, Nuri Pere 27

O: Shahada with struck at Brusa 806

R: Timur Khan Gurkan
Mehmet bin Bayezit Khan
Khalid malka

 Ex: Allen G. Berman
Acquisition: 1988

Cf. link to similar coin that went unsold at auction, the example above is nicer with a fuller strike and fuller inscriptions. http://www.coinarchives.com/w/lotviewer.php?LotID=618571&AucID=445&Lot=7199