Hermann Weber Collection in 3 Volumes

The three volume set of the Sir Hermann Weber Collection is available via the Internet Archive and can be found on the left side of this page under links. The volumes are all complete except for the plates which are unfortunately not included.

Without the plates these books are an interesting curiosity more so than a resource. If the plates are added in the future I will upload links to those as well.

Vol. I. Introduction: [Notes culled from "Autobiographical reminiscences of Sir Hermann Weber... " London, Priv. print., 1919] Auriol find class. Hispania. Gallia. Britannia. Italy and Sicily. --

Vol. II. Macedon. Thrace. Thessaly. North western, central and southern Greece. --

Vol. III. pt. I. Asia: Bosporus. Colchis. Pontus. Paphlagonia. Bythynia. Mysia. Troas. Aeolis. Lesbos. Ionia. Caria. Lydia.

Vol. III. pt. II. Asia: Phrygia. Lycia. Pamphylia. Pisidia. Cilicia. Cyprus. Galatia. Cappadocia. Syria. Phoenicia. Palestine. Arabia. Mesopotamia. Persia. Persis. Characene. Bactria. Africa: Egypt. Cyrenaica. Libya. Zeugitana. Islands between Africa and Sicily. Numidia. Mauretania. Incerta