Since I have a somewhat substantial and always growing collection of worldwide coins accumulated since I was a kid from my travels and those of friends as well as outright purchases, I am going to start posting (more frequently) interesting items from this collection that cover the eras from the end of antiquity to the present day.

The essence of this blog is and will remain ancient coins, and regular posts in this regard will continually be added or updated.  The worldwide items posted will consist of those items that catch my eye for artistic or historical reasons or for the story they carry.

Harry Truman once said that an 'expert is an expert because they are afraid to learn something new, then they wouldn't be an expert anymore.' I have never considered myself an expert and certainly have never stopped trying to learn something new on a daily basis, and trust that those of you who are regular or new visitors will find something of interest herein and will find new and hopefully interesting items to appreciate on this continuing exploration through collecting.