Pennies from the Collection of Andrew Wayne

PLANTAGENET. Henry III. 1216-1272. AR Pennies. All coins: Long cross type. Class Vc. Canterbury mint; Moneyers: Ion, Robert, and Willem. Struck 1251-1272. Crowned facing bust, holding scepter / Voided long cross pommée, with pellet at center and three pellets in angles. North 993; SCBC 1369. lightly toned, a few minor areas of flat strike, third struck slightly off center.  

From the Andrew Wayne Collection. Ex Dix, Noonan, Webb 69 (15 March 2006), lot 1343 (part of).

Ex CNG EA 279:889 (16-05-12)

PLANTAGENET. Edward II. 1307-1327. AR Penny (19mm, 1.34 g, 1h). Class XIa1. London mint. Struck circa late 1310-circa 1314. Crowned facing bust / Long cross pattée, with three pellets in angles. SCBI 39 (North), 768-71; North 1060/1; SCBC 1455.  

From the Andrew Wayne Collection (purchased privately from Mike Vosper, August 1997).

Ex CNG EA 279:950 (16-05-12)