Greece/Seleucid; Antiochos II Theos BCE 261-246

AE 18 mm 3.92 g., Tarsus mint

SC 565  WSM 1313

O: dioscuri on horseback r, dotted border

R: BAΣΙΛΕΩΣ on left  ANTIOXOY on right Athena stg r on anchor l., brandishing spear and shield.

Greek/Thrace; Lysimachos BCE 305-281

AR Drachm, 17 mm, 3.94 g, Ephesos mint c. BCE 294-287

Essays Robinson, Thompson 170var (monogram on throne). rare example

O: diad hd of deified Alexander r wearing horn of Ammon

R: ΒΑΣΙΛΕ[ΩΣ]  on right [ΛΥΣ]IMAXO[Y] on left Athena Nikephoros seated left, spear behind; tripod to inner left, Φ on throne.

Greece/Seleucid; Antiochos VII Sidetes BCE 138-129; Unpublished Control from the mint of Tyre

AR Tetradrachm, 28 x 25 mm, 14.21 g, Tyre mint SE 175=BCE 138/7

SC 2109.3Ad, SCADS 58 (this coin)

O: diad draped bust of Ant r, diad ends falling straight behind dotted border
R: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ  curving on r., ANTIOXOY curving on l., round, eagle stg l., on ship’s ram, palm branch under far wing dotted border.

Mintmarks: A/PE above TYP monogram on club in l. field. AΣ in r field above, EOP (date). Unpublished control between eagle legs.

enlargement of the control which appears to be Phoenician rather than Greek

Please refer to http://scaddenda.org/2014/10/20/scads58-antiochus-vii-sc-2109-3ad/

Greece/Seleucid; Seleucus III

Edward I Penny from the Colchester Hoard 1969

PLANTAGENET. Edward I. 1272-1307. AR Penny (18mm, 1.49 g, 11h). In the name and types of Henry III. Long Cross type, class VI. Bury St. Edmunds mint; Ion, (John de Burnedisse) moneyer. Struck 1272-1278. Crowned facing bust; scepter to left / Voided long cross; trefoils in quarters. North 1001; SCBC 1377

From the Ridgegate Collection. Purchased from P. Minns, April 1971. Ex Colchester Hoard, 1969.

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