Greece/Seleucid; Antiochos VII Sidetes BCE 138-129; Unpublished Control from the mint of Tyre

AR Tetradrachm, 28 x 25 mm, 14.21 g, Tyre mint SE 175=BCE 138/7

SC 2109.3Ad, SCADS 58 (this coin)

O: diad draped bust of Ant r, diad ends falling straight behind dotted border
R: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ  curving on r., ANTIOXOY curving on l., round, eagle stg l., on ship’s ram, palm branch under far wing dotted border.

Mintmarks: A/PE above TYP monogram on club in l. field. AΣ in r field above, EOP (date). Unpublished control between eagle legs.

enlargement of the control which appears to be Phoenician rather than Greek

Update 11 November 2017
It appears after some time that a similar tetradrachm from the mint of Tyre has come to market. This example likely clarifies the control as being Greek not Phoenician but nevertheless previously unrecorded as is the new example which differs from the above example in the horizontal rendering of the control rather than vertical:

enlargement of the photo followed by a close up of the control:

The difference is the rendering of the cursive Omega, on the example published above in the vertical rendering the link is missing on the right, in this horizontal example it is missing on the left. Both pieces were minted in the same year and therefore it can be concluded that the same magistrate signed both. This coin adds another control variety to the series for Antiochus VII from Tyre.