ISLAMIC/Ghaznavid; Muhammad 1st Reign AH 421/CE 1030

AR Yamini Dirham, 3.1g, Ghazna mint

Album-1617 Rare

naming Caliph Al-Qadir/Safar above

Rev: Muhammad Rasul-illah
        Jalal ad-Dawla
        wa Jamal al-millah
        Abu Ahmad

cf. Elsen Auction 88 (10 June 2006) unsold lot 1930 which is a die match for this coin. (lot price was 75 Euros)

This example is said to be a mule with the obverse coming from a Mahmud of Ghazna coin, SNAT Ghazna 261, Safar AH 421 and the reverse being a reverse belonging to Muhammad as "Abu Ahmad".